About Us

“Wise men said, only fools rush in”- Elvis

We are at an era where stories are no longer told through books. Where the logos have to have a deeper, clearer meaning and plain is the new sexy. We have a dynamic fashion scene every week and it’s sometimes honestly hard to keep up with.

The Crazy Studio is just that and much more.

  1. We like to make things appear exactly as they were meant to be, or better.
  2. We believe that the most effective way to deliver any service/product is to understand the emotion behind its conception. So we do just that.
  3. We get into the basics of what it is, why it is the way it is and how can we help.

Everything from a simple sketch of a line to an oddly drawn alphabet has its story and we are willing to learn that before anything. It’s all about the story at the end and we are your story tellers.

We have the CRAZY in us. Our choice of colors and words might be a little too off-the-top for most but nothing NOTHING stands in the way of expressing the story the way it was meant to be. We don’t generalize our clients. We are more into the idea, the emotion and the story for each of our clients. We then interpret it in our STUDIO and bring out the final product. This magical studio of ours has everything you need, it has unicorns and the elder wand, it has the ring and animals who speak (under the influence of coffee). We have the trendsetting Designers, Marketing Professionals, Computer Programmers, Website Designers and Dancers. (And those are just 2 guys.) With us you have a constant touch on the progress without any barriers of understanding.

Our Philosophy

We don’t believe in overdoing anything. We hate the tacky colors and cheesy lines as much as the other guy. We believe that everything has a story and we are here to hear that. We deliver what you need even if it means, changing it upside down or just pushing the couch a little to the left. Marketing an idea is to understand the core values of the product and its services and bringing it out for other people to understand. PERIOD. This is what we take to bed every night and wake up with every morning.

How it started

It all started with a CRAZY idea. An idea to change the way we were working. To make it more service and product oriented and more in touch with our values, to preserve the story, than anything else. So on a chilly afternoon, we rolled up our sleeves and started working for something we believed in. And that is how CRAZY STUDIO was born.